If someone needs a loan quickly and easily, it may be annoying for him to send a $ 1 fee that some SMS loans require. Fortunately, there are non-bank companies that are in favor of clients in this respect, so it is not possible to get an SMS loan without CZK 1.

Fast SMS Loans  100 – 50,000 CZK 61 days to 80 months. REQUEST With the Kada-adlaw loan you can get up to CZK 50,000 for 61 days to 80 months . The loan applicant registers, confirms the email, and enters personal information. Once the application is approved, the money is sent to the account immediately.


Speed ​​is crucial

quick loan

One-crown sending serves for small non-bank loans to verify the applicant’s bank account and has nothing to do with fraudulent companies trying to pull money out of desperate people. In any case, it is a somewhat annoying action. Among other things, because sending a verification fee will extend the loan application for additional time while waiting for the receipt of a payment confirmation. And with small instant loans, speed is crucial.

Which SMS loan companies do they provide?

Which SMS loan companies do they provide?

Although small-credit non-bank companies are those who require registration, there will be a sufficient number of those who can easily do without it. In addition to the non-bank loan starter in the field of pre-pay non-bank loans, it is, for example, Loan. The Credit loan is also not required for sending a registration fee of 1 CZK. For a Ten-credit loan, a verification payment is required, but its amount is more than symbolic – only 1 cent.

An overview of small loans that can do without a 1 crown mission:

  1. Una Loan

    • First loan up to CZK 8,000, maturity up to 30 days
    • Repeated loan up to CZK 20,000, maturity up to 40 days
    • Without proof of income
    • It is not necessary to send a fee of 1 CZK
    • First free loan
    • For Czech citizens from 18 to 75 years
    • Approval within 30 minutes of submission
    • Debtor registers are reviewed
  2. Utangkon

    • First loan up to CZK 9,000, maturity up to 1 month
    • Repeated loan up to CZK 35,000, maturity unlimited
    • Without proof of income
    • The registry is being scanned
    • It is not necessary to send 1 CZK
    • For Czech citizens from 21 to 75 years
    • Approval within 10 minutes of sending the request
    • Money on account or money order
  3. Credit Loan

    • Loan 1000 to 4000 CZK, maturity 7 to 70 days
    • Repeated loan up to 8000 CZK
    • No need to send 1 Kč
    • Without proof of income
    • Registers are being scanned
    • For small entrepreneurs (self-employed)
    • Early repayment free of charge


Loans without income even without registry

Loans without income even without registry

Loans via SMS are typical for their speed and availability. Because only limited amounts are borrowed in this area (typically up to $ 5000 or $ 100 for the first application), creditors are willing to lend to people who have low or poorly documented earnings (for example, they have a portion of travel allowance income) . Also, those who are in one of the debtors’ registers have a good chance of getting an SMS loan. And of course, this also applies to SMS loans at no charge of CZK 1.